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Social Media Generations April 12, 2012

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At my internship site this semester, I am one of the few millenials on staff. The majority of my coworkers are considered “boomers” and definitely have an old-fashioned approach to using social media. However, their target audience is also boomers who have the same approach. While I think social media is the easiest and best way to reach out to people, they are not completely convinced that it works and for their clientele, maybe it doesn’t. With social media, you can walk a fine line like that. I think it matters more if your target audience will benefit from your social media use. Facebook has proven to be  successful at my internship site so they use that. Twitter would never even be considered. When I first started working there, I tried to convince them to use it. However, once I really immersed myself in the site and who actually was a customer there, I realized Twitter was not the way to go. Facebook was enough for them. While I think social media is wonderful and totally useful, I learned from working there that it has to be used properly and the right channels must used otherwise you’re not actually reaching the people and you are wasting your time.


Comments on Television Shows April 6, 2012

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I love Boy Meets World too!!! It was my favorite show as a kid! I wish I could still watch it!


rebekahkatherine | April 6, 2012 at 9:24 am | Reply

All of these shows were the best!!! I love Sabrina the Teenage Witch!!


Zack and Kelly Forever April 2, 2012

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My favorite show growing up was Saved by the Bell. It would come on TBS every morning and I would watch it while getting ready for school. Now, it’s on Netflix and I’m obsessed with watching the episodes again. Yes, the show is super cheesy and nothing like how high school really was for any of us. But I still love watching it to remember a simpler time in my life. It’ll never get old.

Another show I wish I could bring back is Boy Meets World. I was obsessed with this show when I was younger. I always wanted to have a relationship like Cory and Topanga and I really wanted Topanga’s hair!

Lastly, I would bring back Rugrats. When I was much younger, (like 6 or 7), Rugrats was my favorite show to watch right before bed. I recently watched it over Christmas and it’s still funny, only on a different level because I get some of the more adult jokes that they squeezed in there so that the parents would enjoy watching the show with their kids.

I really miss some of the TV shows of my childhood but especially these three!


Comments on Social Media March 30, 2012

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rebekahkatherine on March 30, 2012 at 12:17 pm said:

I love that you refused to get a Facebook until college. That doesn’t sound at all like the Ashley I know!! However, I’m glad that you saw how social media can help a client and the fact that you can use your personal experience with social media is really cool!

rebekahkatherine says:

In my post, I said that the best way to convince business people to use social media is numbers and figures. Great minds think alike Julianna!!


Why Social Media is Important

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Social media is obviously important for any company that wants to spread their message. Without the usage of Facebook and Twitter, a company can seem out of touch with its clients. The traditional forms of advertising like television and radio just don’t work as well anymore. People are constantly on Facebook and Twitter so it only makes sense to reach out to clients by using these mediums as a way to advertise. I would sell the idea of using social media to my client or employer by simply showing them the numbers. Numbers are hard to ignore and when they see that actively engaging their customers on Facebook and Twitter pays off, I think they’ll understand. I actually have done this recently. My internship site had been slacking off using Facebook and I was able to convince them that Facebook was a great way to reach out to their constituents. When they post pictures or advertise their events on Facebook, people came. Social media is a powerful tool and once companies see how many people they can reach and how other businesses have been so sucessful with it, they’ll definitely follow suit.


Comments on Freshman Year March 21, 2012

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I totally agree about being more outspoken and making more of an effort to get involved. I wish I had done that freshman year as well. Oh well, you live, you learn. And I had no idea about that story from freshman year. That is the worst luck I think I’ve ever seen someone have with underage drinking. Hopefully your parents weren’t too mad at you!



Your the only person I know who would say they were too involved freshman year haha. But it’s true. However, I am glad that you were that involved because that’s how we became friends :)


If I knew then, what I know now….. March 19, 2012

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I consider myself lucky to have had a great college experience right from the start. I’ve been fortunate to keep my two best friends all throughout college, having met them in Eagle Village the first week of school. Freshman year was so much fun because all I had to do was focus on school. No worrying about internships, jobs, resumes, or anything else. My biggest concern freshman year was what I was going to do on the weekend. I long for those carefree days. The only major thing I wish I would have done differently freshman year was try harder in school. The classes I took freshman year were by far the easiest I had in college and the workload was a joke compared to the rest of college. However, my grades were only ok. I kept HOPE but I wish I’d really decided to make awesome grades as to give my GPA a little cushion for those hard classes coming up. I also wish I’d soaked it all up and really cherished that first year. It was a fun, carefree year and only now do I really appreciate being that young and having my whole college experience and life ahead of me.