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Comments on Freshman Year March 21, 2012

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I totally agree about being more outspoken and making more of an effort to get involved. I wish I had done that freshman year as well. Oh well, you live, you learn. And I had no idea about that story from freshman year. That is the worst luck I think I’ve ever seen someone have with underage drinking. Hopefully your parents weren’t too mad at you!



Your the only person I know who would say they were too involved freshman year haha. But it’s true. However, I am glad that you were that involved because that’s how we became friends :)


Comments for Books vs. Movies February 1, 2012

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1. rebekahkatherine says:

I agree with you about the Harry Potter books. They’re awesome and I wish I could convince every person I know to give them a chance! I pretty much always will see the movie if I’ve read the book. There also occasionally times where I’ll read the book after seeing the movie, which is what I’m doing right now with The Help.

2. rebekahkatherine says:

First, I would like to thank you for that incredible image of Brad Pitt that is now stuck in my head. I agree with you that sometimes the movie can distort an image of a character or a storyline from what I imagined in my head. Also, I loved The Great Gatsby, book and movie, as well as The Kite Runner. And one of my best friends is obssessed wtih The Road. I think I’m going to put it on my list of books to read as well!


My Bucket List January 26, 2012

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As a college senior with graduating looming in the near future, I realize that my life is ahead of me and that I should do my best to make the next few years of my life count. Therefore, a bucket list of things to do is necessary. I have many things I’d love to do in my lifetime but these are the ones I feel are the most important.

1. Travel around the world. Ideally, I’d love to visit every continent. Some countries I’d particularly like to visit are England and France. I’m a total Anglophile and I studied French in high school and I love the French culture. I’d also love to visit Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Japan.

2. Run a race for charity. As the child of a breast cancer survivor, I’ve always wanted to do the Susan G. Komen 3-day event, particularly with my mom. I feel it would be something special for us to share together.

3. Skydive. I’m not afraid of heights at all and I would love to do something like this!

4. Visit all 50 states. I’ve visited 17 so I’m definitely making progress.

5. Go on a road trip across America, either up the coast of Interstate 95 or across the country to California. I love a good road trip and what better way to see America than by car.

6. Read every book on my “books to read” list. It’s a long list so it’ll take years to get there but I love to read so I think I can do it!


SBX…..otherwise known as Spring Break March 22, 2010

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While every other college kid was partying down in Panama City, I decided to save my parents some money and earn brownie points with them by going home. It turned out not to be such a good idea. The week started out well. I went to visit my grandparents who live an hour away since I rarely get to see them. I enjoyed my grandmother’s home cooking and being able to escape my life for a while.
I also went to visit my former boss who I’m pretty close to. She moved to a different house and while I was driving to her house, I got in a car wreck. I was going slow and trying to find a road and the woman behind me ran into the back of me because she had been tailing me for like 5 miles…..grrrr. So it is like 5000 dollars worth of damage and I don’t have my car here at school for the rest of the semester while it is being fixed. I am very attached to my precious little CRV and I miss not having a convenient way to get to class. Walking to campus from Copper Beech isn’t that fun, especially with terrible allergies and the campus is practically yellow from pollen.
As if my spring break weren’t bad enough, one of my really good friends from high school, Brian, lost his two year battle with cancer. He had just turned 19 the week before. He was the funniest kid ever and kept such a great attitude even in the face of a terrible disease. His story touched the hearts of everyone in my hometown and his death really upset me a lot.
But there were some good things about spring break. I got to go to Savannah and Tybee on Thursday and do some shopping and eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant. And I got to lay out by the pool and eat at Olive Garden on Friday. But other than that, all I did was homework. Hopefully I can go to the beach next spring break.