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Viva Los Bravos! April 27, 2012

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I love baseball. Other than gymnastics, it’s definitely my favorite sport. It signifies springtime and it has such a rich history in our country. My favorite team is of course the Atlanta Braves. I also love the Boston Red Sox after visiting Fenway Park last summer and getting to watch a game there. I would do the typical giveaways like the first 100 kids 10 and under get a free bobblehead or t shirt or have a certain section of the park get something free if one of the players hits a homerun. Also, something that always worked when I was a kid was giving specially priced tickets to games to kids elementary all the way through high school that make good grades. That was how I always got to go to games as a kid. It’s important to do special promotions even when the team is winning because going to a game can be expensive with parking and food so it might not be enough that the team is good. I know that my dad won’t necessarily go to games for teams he loves if they aren’t playing well. However, being such a big baseball fan myself, I think that nothing replaces the feeling of being in a ballpark even if the team isn’t good.


One Response to “Viva Los Bravos!”

  1. I feel the same way about baseball season and how it signifies the springtime and everyone wanting to be outside and happy! My dad is the biggest fan but really doesn’t attend any games either because of all the hassle.

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