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Social Media Generations April 12, 2012

Filed under: PRCA 3030 — rebekahkatherine @ 11:48 am

At my internship site this semester, I am one of the few millenials on staff. The majority of my coworkers are considered “boomers” and definitely have an old-fashioned approach to using social media. However, their target audience is also boomers who have the same approach. While I think social media is the easiest and best way to reach out to people, they are not completely convinced that it works and for their clientele, maybe it doesn’t. With social media, you can walk a fine line like that. I think it matters more if your target audience will benefit from your social media use. Facebook has proven to be  successful at my internship site so they use that. Twitter would never even be considered. When I first started working there, I tried to convince them to use it. However, once I really immersed myself in the site and who actually was a customer there, I realized Twitter was not the way to go. Facebook was enough for them. While I think social media is wonderful and totally useful, I learned from working there that it has to be used properly and the right channels must used otherwise you’re not actually reaching the people and you are wasting your time.


2 Responses to “Social Media Generations”

  1. marleymizell Says:

    You’re right, Facebook has been proven to be successful in many internship sites. Social media is booming and it is only going to get bigger.

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