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Zack and Kelly Forever April 2, 2012

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My favorite show growing up was Saved by the Bell. It would come on TBS every morning and I would watch it while getting ready for school. Now, it’s on Netflix and I’m obsessed with watching the episodes again. Yes, the show is super cheesy and nothing like how high school really was for any of us. But I still love watching it to remember a simpler time in my life. It’ll never get old.

Another show I wish I could bring back is Boy Meets World. I was obsessed with this show when I was younger. I always wanted to have a relationship like Cory and Topanga and I really wanted Topanga’s hair!

Lastly, I would bring back Rugrats. When I was much younger, (like 6 or 7), Rugrats was my favorite show to watch right before bed. I recently watched it over Christmas and it’s still funny, only on a different level because I get some of the more adult jokes that they squeezed in there so that the parents would enjoy watching the show with their kids.

I really miss some of the TV shows of my childhood but especially these three!


One Response to “Zack and Kelly Forever”

  1. AshleySalim Says:

    I was obsessed with all of the shows you mentioned! Can we just bring all the shows from when we were kids back!?

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