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If I knew then, what I know now….. March 19, 2012

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I consider myself lucky to have had a great college experience right from the start. I’ve been fortunate to keep my two best friends all throughout college, having met them in Eagle Village the first week of school. Freshman year was so much fun because all I had to do was focus on school. No worrying about internships, jobs, resumes, or anything else. My biggest concern freshman year was what I was going to do on the weekend. I long for those carefree days. The only major thing I wish I would have done differently freshman year was try harder in school. The classes I took freshman year were by far the easiest I had in college and the workload was a joke compared to the rest of college. However, my grades were only ok. I kept HOPE but I wish I’d really decided to make awesome grades as to give my GPA a little cushion for those hard classes coming up. I also wish I’d soaked it all up and really cherished that first year. It was a fun, carefree year and only now do I really appreciate being that young and having my whole college experience and life ahead of me.


3 Responses to “If I knew then, what I know now…..”

  1. Blane Says:

    It’s amazing to see how much you change as a person throughout college. I remember back when I used to think that writing a 3-4 page paper was tough. Now I can barely keep an assignment less than 4 pages even with my efforts of trying to shorten it down. The workload freshman year was such a joke, but at the time it seemed like it was SO MUCH MORE work than I had ever done before.
    I guess it was a good learning experience for us all, right? Without it, where would we be now?

    • So true. I used to stress over the dumbest things freshman year. Writing a paper of any kind was an all night ordeal. Now, I write 20 page papers in 12 hours. It’s amazing the transformation I’ve seen in myself and my friends in the past four years.

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