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My Bucket List January 26, 2012

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As a college senior with graduating looming in the near future, I realize that my life is ahead of me and that I should do my best to make the next few years of my life count. Therefore, a bucket list of things to do is necessary. I have many things I’d love to do in my lifetime but these are the ones I feel are the most important.

1. Travel around the world. Ideally, I’d love to visit every continent. Some countries I’d particularly like to visit are England and France. I’m a total Anglophile and I studied French in high school and I love the French culture. I’d also love to visit Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Japan.

2. Run a race for charity. As the child of a breast cancer survivor, I’ve always wanted to do the Susan G. Komen 3-day event, particularly with my mom. I feel it would be something special for us to share together.

3. Skydive. I’m not afraid of heights at all and I would love to do something like this!

4. Visit all 50 states. I’ve visited 17 so I’m definitely making progress.

5. Go on a road trip across America, either up the coast of Interstate 95 or across the country to California. I love a good road trip and what better way to see America than by car.

6. Read every book on my “books to read” list. It’s a long list so it’ll take years to get there but I love to read so I think I can do it!


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