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Social Media News Releases November 30, 2010

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If there’s one thing every person working in public relations today can agree on it is this: that the internet and technology is vastly changing the way PR professionals let the public know about their product/organization/company etc. Instead of the traditional paper news releases or even email, many public relations professionals are now turning to social media news releases as the new way to inform the public about what is going on.

But just what exactly is a social news media release? Well according realwire.com, a social media news release is made not just for the press but for the internet and its audience in mind. It can contain audio, video, and anything else the web provides to enhance the news release and make it more interesting and appealing to its audience. Social media news releases are quickly taking the place of traditional news releases since websites like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are becoming more and more popular among the younger generations. A public relations professional can easily reach a younger audience by posting these appealing social media news releases on these websites and garner a response.

The advantages of a social media news release seem obvious. They are more creative, fun, and appealing than the average news release. Pictures, videos, sound bytes, music, and more audience interaction seem like great things for any public relations professional. However, the best advantage of a social media news release is that they really do work well. According to realwire.com , social media news releases, particularly those seen on blogs, are likely to be seen four times more than the traditional news release!!!! Four times more!!! That’s huge!!!!

I have to admit I’m hard-pressed to find a reason why social media news releases would have a disadvantage. However, if the news release is on a serious or somber subject, something fun and appealing is not really the way to go. A traditional news release might work better in some situations. Also, a public relations professional can abandon a certain audience by using social media: the technologically challenged. Someone who isn’t tech-savvy isn’t going to be looking at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or blogs and would miss seeing the news release. Sometimes it’s easier to deliver a news release the old-fashioned way depending on the audience you trying to cater to.

As fun and flashy as a social media news release is, according to Brian Solis’s Definitive Guide to Social Media News Releases, it still matters what you say and how you say it. However, the best way to approach making a social media news release is to find a template to use online and gather all your materials, including sound bytes, pictures, videos, and anything else and then use the template to make the social media news release. All the fun, appealing pictures and videos in the world won’t matter though if you don’t have a clear, definitive idea of what you are trying to say in the release. Make sure what you want to come across is actually what is represented.

Two excellent websites to use to make a social media news release are pitchengine.com and prxbuilder.com.

I found a great example of a social media news release at socialmediab2b.com. The example they provide is from Cisco which created a social media news release to talk about new products they were offering and how they were working with different businesses.

I’m leaving you with a great Youtube video I found about social media news releases. The video is from realwire.com and gives an overview into what exactly a social media news release is and what it can offer a company.


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