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Multi Media Storytelling November 30, 2010

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For the last Topic of the Week, I took a course at Poynter University’s website all about muti-media storytelling. Here’s what I learned:

Step One: Choosing a Story

The best stories are multi-dimensional.

Multi-media stories are non-linear.

Before you write a multi-media story, gather all your information first.

Step Two: Making a Storyboard

A storyboard will help define the parameters of your story so that you can best use your resources.

A storyboard will help organize and focus a story.

A storyboard will help identify any holes in your story.

Three concepts:

Define the elements.

Identify the media.

Storyboard the concepts.

Step Three: Reporting with Multimedia

When reporting or writing a story that’s “on-the-scene”, it’s imperative to have all the necessary equipment and to make sure it’s handy and available and easy to transport.

Some essentials:

Extra batteries


Video camera

Lenses and filters





DV tapes

Rubber bands

Pocket knife



Duct tape

Step Four: Editing for the Web

After you’ve finished shooting your story, it’s time to edit it for the web. It’s important to evaluate your footage to determine what should go into the story.

Videos should be only approximately 3 minutes long and “talking heads” should be no more than a few seconds.

Use only high quality video and no background music unless it contributes to the story.

Include lots of photos.

Use text only for what you can’t put in video or photos. Use all multi-media before resorting to text.

Step Five: Producing the Story

Templates will help organize your story and produce it quicker. A web designer will serve as your editor since they are knowledgeable about what looks good on the web.


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