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When You Shouldn’t Tweet November 29, 2010

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I’ve had a Twitter account for over a year and a half, a lot longer than most of my peers. But like most people who set up an account, I was instantly addicted. I like the environment on Twitter much more than Facebook. It’s not obnoxious to tweet several times a day like it is to post on Facebook.  I often find myself tweeting when I see something interesting on campus or if I need to vent and I know my followers would feel the same way I do on a subject. I also retweet interesting things from the people I follow. But according to an article at socialmediatoday.com, there are times when tweeting is inappropriate. There are fourteen times and to get all fourteen reasons, you can go to the article but here are my favorites:

1. Driving- obviously nothing is important enough to tweet about that would risk your and others’ safety.

4. Walking up a flight of stairs.

5. You are hurt, upset, or angry. If you tweet something when you’re angry, you can’t take it back and hindsight is 20/20.

10. Going down a flight of stairs.

11. Someone needs your help.

13. You’re drunk.

The whole list is hilarious and helpful. There are some times when others’ feelings and safety are just more important than informing the world about what is happening.


One Response to “When You Shouldn’t Tweet”

  1. aliciamd Says:

    Agreed! This article is entertaining and yet on-point in its statements. It’s crazy what and when people tweet, and I love how the list points them out. Driving definitely belongs in the number one position. Numerous accidents and fatalities have occurred because people are texting or tweeting while driving. I also appreciate number six, having a face to face conversation with someone else. It’s irritating when you are trying to talk to someone and they are glued to their phone. Going up and down the stairs, as well as swimming, are just funny. I think if people are foolish enough to tweet while performing these activities, they deserve the consequences. Most importantly, this article serves to remind us that there is an etiquette to follow when it comes to tweeting.

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