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Chapter Eleven Reading Notes November 29, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330 — rebekahkatherine @ 9:44 pm

In Chapter Eleven of Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, we discussed Getting Along with Journalists.

1. Public relations professionals and journalists have always had a love-hate relationship yet 81% of journalists say they need public professionals anyway, regardless of their feelings towards them.

2. The internet has considerably changed the media landscape and PR professionals rely on social media and the internet much more than they do traditional media to get their messages across.

3. Some areas of friction between PR professionals and journalists are hype and news release spam on the part of PR professionals, name calling on both parts, sloppy and biased reporting on the part of journalists, tabloid journalism, and advertising influence.

4. Even though friction between the two groups will always exist, they can have a mutual working relationship. Press interviews, news conferences, and media tours are great opportunities to build and improve these relationships for future endeavors.

5. It is important for PR professionals to know their media. They also should limit their mailings, localize, send only newsworthy information that they know journalists will look at, be truthful, answer their phone, be accessible, and always practice good grammar.


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