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Is Brett Favre hurting Wrangler? October 19, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330 — rebekahkatherine @ 10:43 pm

I read an interesting article the other day on bnet.com about Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre. He’s been in the news recently with a scandal about him showing his “junk” to a Playboy model. While this scandal will eventually blow over and it certainly won’t be what he will be remembered for in his career, one of the companies that he endorses is Wranger, which makes jeans. And for being in the news for not keeping it in his pants, it’s pretty ironic that Favre is helping to sell pants. And lately, according to the article, Wrangler hasn’t been running the Brett Favre ads during NFL games, although the ads still run during times when sports aren’t being showed.

For the present, all of Favre’s sponsors are going to hurt. This is sometimes the risk that companies take when they ask a celebrity, even a well-known and loved celebrity to endorse their products. These celebrities are human and make their mistakes in the public eye, sometimes at the cost of the companies like Wrangler or Remington, another Favre sponsor that lately seems to be shunning him.

I definitely think that Brett Favre’s PR person has some damage control to do, especially if the NFL decides to pursue a case against Favre. I wonder if situations like the one with Brett Favre will make companies think twice about putting controversial stars as the faces of their products?


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