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PR Open Mic October 11, 2010

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This week, I created a profile at propenmic.org. PR Open Mic reminds me a lot of Facebook, in that you can create a profile, upload pictures, add friends, and network through the site. It also lets you update a status like Facebook or Twitter. I would describe PR Open Mic as a Facebook for PR professionals. To use the site, you can either be a PR student, teacher, or practitioner. One of the coolest parts of the website for me was the chance to look at internships and jobs in PR. There are also forums and places to post videos and other things letting other people in PR know what you or your company or school is up to. The blogs are also useful and are even places I can go to for my PR Connections for this class. All in all, I find that propenmic.org will be a great tool for me as both a PR student and and eventually as a PR practitioner myself.


3 Responses to “PR Open Mic”

  1. caitbaileyy Says:

    I agree with you that PR OpenMic is like Facebook for PR professionals. This made it easy for me to learn and navigate around the website. I also think it will be very helpful when I start looking for internships. It seems like everyone is really driven to aid PR students in succeeding. I had never heard of the website before this class so I was really excited to get on there and start networking with other PR people!

  2. I also just discovered PR OpenMic and it is amazing! I think that it will come in help so much for my new search for summer internships. My ultimate goal is to do International PR and this site offers a large network for me to look into. I will definitely stay on top of this and keep my eyes open for any news of opportunites that will be happening around the areas.

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