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One Week of Twitter October 3, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330 — rebekahkatherine @ 5:17 pm

Last week I participated in One Week of Twitter for my PR Writing class. My twitter is twitter.com/katiepoole912. As an avid twitter user for almost a year and a half, I’m no stranger to the website.  I love following my favorite celebrities, as well as news outlets, and people I know in real life. I get all my news and information about the world from Twitter and I seriously don’t know what I ever did before it came along. I’ve always had a Twitter, even before this class, and I will continue to have one even after this class is over. Now that Twitter’s popularity has grown, so has its influence. I love that some of my friends now have a Twitter and I can read their tweets as well as those from famous people that I like. I like when people retweet interesting articles or post funny things. I also like the freedom on Twitter to tweet several times a day without feeling like I’m annoying anyone, something I can’t do on Facebook.  I love Twitter and it’s a very useful tool for myself and my PR class and in the future, will be useful as a PR professional for social media use.


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