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Think Like a Reporter September 20, 2010

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I came across an article the other day at getinfrontblogging.com

The article, written by former reporter Susan Young says that PR professionals can’t effectively pitch stories to the media unless they think like them. Her five tips are:

1. Answer the question, “Who cares?” When writing a pitch or a press release, make sure you can answer the reporter’s question of “Who cares and why should I cover this story?” Make sure your press release is identifiable with that reporters core audience and that they would care about this topic.

2. Understand the medium. Make sure your story is appropriate for whatever medium it will be shown on. If the story is visually appealing, don’t use it for radio and vice versa.

3. Put a face on your story. People love stories about other people. The human factor draws people in.

4. Find something new. Look for statistics, updates, or a fresh angle that hasn’t already been exhausted with this topic. That will make the journalist more eager to cover it.

5. Give them the right tools. If you are pitching to a radio station, give them a sound bite they can use during the newscast. If you are pitching to a television station, give them a video clip. A journalist is more likely to use your piece if you make it easier for them.


2 Responses to “Think Like a Reporter”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Hopefully I will think more like a reporter through some of the classes we are required to take at Georgia Southern. I am in News Reporting & Writing this semester and it’s challenging but I feel like I am really becoming a better writer. You are right about the “who cares?” factor! No one wants to read something unappealing or interesting. When I look online for news, I notice the deaths, triumphs, kidnappings, stories with intrigue. This also ties in with “putting a face on the people.” A woman in a story is just that, a woman. The audience knows nothing about her. But, when a writer mentions the woman is 80 years old and saved her grandson from drowning, the story becomes more interesting.Also, having the right tools is something I never really thought about before. You’re right though! Adjust your story to the medium you are presenting it to. The company will appreciate the effort and will be more likely to use what you wrote instead of throwing it away.

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