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Cleaning Your Copy September 6, 2010

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This week, I did the Cleaning Your Copy tutorial from newsu.org and it was very informative. The first thing I did was take a pre-test to determine what my weaknesses and strengths in copy editing were before the course. I did the best with grammar, getting 75% right. I got a 50% in spelling, a 25% with punctuation and with style, I didn’t get one single question right. Clearly, I wasn’t a copy editing expert.
The first topic I learned about was grammar. I learned about dangling and misplaced modifiers, pronouns, the difference between that and which, and that and who, who/whom, verbs, and lay/lie. Some of these, such as who/whom, I have always had trouble with, while others, such as that/which, I’ve mastered.
The second topic I learned about was style. Subjects like addresses, ages, abbreviations, capitalization, dates, distances, money, numbers, and time were taught. Style to me is always confusing because it goes against my own grammatical instincts. There are also a lot of specific rules. But after Cleaning Your Copy, I feel much more confident with style.
The third topic was punctuation. I learned about apostrophes, colons, commas, dashes, hyphens, quotation marks and semicolons. Some of this stuff I already knew, but others, like dashes and hyphens, I was learning the correct way for the first time.
The fourth and final topic was spelling. I’m a decent speller and other than a few random words, I could master this one. The commonly misspelled words gave me some trouble, but for the most part, I did very well.
I definitely learned a lot from Cleaning Your Copy and I will be able to use the information I learned for the rest of my academic career as well as my future in the professional world.


One Response to “Cleaning Your Copy”

  1. Kathere Says:

    Good that you’ve learned alot. We all thought that we are good at this and that but we were wrong. It’s never too late to refresh oneself! Good luck!

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