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Chapter Two Reading Notes August 31, 2010

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In Chapter Two of Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, we discussed Becoming a Persuasive Writer.

1. The four elements of communication are: sender, message, channel, and receiver.
2. Cognitive Dissonance means that a person will not believe a message if it does not line up with their preconceived notions about the subject.
3. The process of acquiring a new idea has five steps: Awareness, interest, trial, evaluation, and adoption.
4. Hierarchy of needs: Physiological, safety, social, ego, and self actualization. Physiological are the most basic needs.
5. Public relations employs semantics, symbols, slogans, acronyms, drama, statistics, surveys, polls, examples, testimonials, endorsements, and even propaganda to get the message across.
6. Public relations practitioners can sometimes be accused of being spin doctors, twisting the truth to sell a certain message or product.


A picture is worth a thousand words

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Everyone has heard the title phrase many times throughout their life because it’s true. Most people would rather look at a picture than read a bunch of words. The same can be said when it comes to blogging. Pictures make a blog look more appealing and capture’s the reader’s attention in a way that words just can’t.
One of my favorite websites to go on is prdaily.com and while I was going through the site earlier today, I found this blog by Scott Monty at scottmonty.com. Monty is the head of social media for the Ford Motor Company and this is his personal blog. The post I read dealt with how pictures can enhance a person’s blog.
He talked about how important pictures were and how they can compliment a post as well as provoke laughter and thought for the reader. He also suggested different sites to go on to find pictures, including Flickr. Usually when I find pictures for my blog, I use Flickr or Google Images.
Monty also talked about different websites to edit pictures including Piknik which is a popular tool on Facebook to edit and beautify pictures, mostly used by teenage girls. I’ve used Piknik for Facebook but never thought to use it for my blog too.
I thought his post was very interesting and I agree at how important pictures can be for a blog. I typically include a picture in each blog post at the beginning to let the reader know what I’m going to be talking about, or just to make the blog post a little more eye-catching.


Why Comment? August 29, 2010

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Along with meaningful and informative posts, blogging is also about interaction with your fellow bloggers. The easiest way to do this is by commenting on their posts. Just like if someone brought up an interesting topic at lunch, it is only natural to want to add your own input into the discussion. And to me, blogging is similar to a discussion. Most bloggers post something to get a discussion going and to stir up conversation and maybe even sometimes a debate.
I can learn a lot by looking at someone’s blog but they can also learn a lot from me if I comment back with my own insight. Commenting makes blogging a two way street and makes the blogger feel like they aren’t blogging in vain.


Active vs. Passive Voice

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When I visited the Grammar Girl website, I knew exactly which topic I wanted to read about. Active vs. passive voice has been giving me trouble since high school and if I’d only properly learned the difference between the two, I could have gotten better grades on papers throughout my time in school.
I’ve finally learned the difference now. I learned the active voice means the noun comes before the verb. For example, “Amy loves Steve” is active voice. In passive voice, it would be “Steve is loved by Amy.” The active voice is much less confusing and gets to the point faster. I think I always liked using passive voice in high school is because it made my papers longer and therefore made me write less. Let’s just say I was a lazy writer in high school.
One thing that did surprise me though was that passive voice is sometimes okay in a journalistic piece like a crime report where not all of the information is available. For example, if a store was robbed, but no one knows who did it, it is appropriate to say “The store was robbed.”
I’m glad I was finally able to learn the difference so I can prevent the pesky passive voice from entering my writing anymore.


Social Media

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As a future PR practitioner and a lover of all things to do with entertainment, I have been participating in social media since I was about 14. Back in the day, I had a myspace and would probably be really embarrassed if anyone ever found it. Currently, I have a Facebook, which I love because it keeps me connected with people from high school as well as friends from college that I don’t see on a daily basis. I even use Facebook to communicate with my mother. If she has something to tell me, she sends me a message on Facebook rather than texting or calling me because she knows I’ll see the message and respond in a timely manner.
I also have a Twitter, which I’m absolutely obsessed with. Being able to keep up with my favorite actors, actresses, bands, athletes, sports teams, and even professionals working in public relations is really awesome. I also follow major news sources such as The Associated Press, the New York Times, and even my hometown newspaper which means that Twitter is how I am informed as to what is going on in the world, both at a local, national, and international level.
I also have a WordPress blog (obviously) which I created last spring for my Introduction to Public Relations class. I’ve decided to keep the same account for this class and I have grown to love blogging.
While some people may be skeptical of social media and the idea of a lack of privacy, I love it. I am able to easily control what I put out there for the world to see and I love being able to keep up with old friends, new friends, my favorite celebrities, and the events of the world. Without social media, my life would be very different and a lot more boring.