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Movies April 14, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 2330 — rebekahkatherine @ 8:25 pm

I’m a huge movie addict. When I was in high school, my TV was constantly set on Turner Classic Movies. My favorite genres are comedy, musicals, romance, and any really good story. I hate scary movies or movies dealing with war that just deal with the military aspect. That being said, I have three movies I consider to be my very favorites. They are as follows:
1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- I’m a huge John Hughes fan and have seen every single movie he ever made but this one takes the cake. Ferris Bueller is everything every kid wishes he or she could be. He’s funny, smart (even if he uses it to cut class), and everybody loves him. I have seen this movie countless times and it never grows old. I laugh every time and I can quote several lines by heart.
2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall- this movie gets funnier every time I watch it. It’s very quotable and filled with satire, something I love. Jason Segel, who both directed and starred in the movie, is one of the funniest people alive. Every character is really funny and it is a universal concept, an ex moving on too quickly after your breakup.
3. The Hangover- I believe every single college kid has seen this movie at least ten times. If they haven’t, they should. If I went on campus and started screaming lines from this movie, I’m sure I would have several students screaming lines back at me. I honestly haven’t even met a kid on this campus who hasn’t seen this movie and can’t quote from it. The concept of retracing your steps from a rowdy night before is something that all college kids can relate to and it is every person’s dream to visit Vegas and just go nuts. I love this movie and I’ll probably never get tired of watching it.


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