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Reality Television April 2, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 2330 — rebekahkatherine @ 11:42 am

For the most part, I really try to stay away from reality television. Occasionally I’ll get sucked into it but for the most part, it is definitely not my thing. My roommates sucked me in to watching The Bachelor this semester. I’d never seen the show before and I really never care to see it again but it was a nice bonding time with my friends and it made for some good laughs.
The only reality shows I’ve watched recently by choice are Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. I’ve been watching DWTS for the past three seasons and I really love the concept of the show. It’s not for everybody but I really like it. SYTYCD was a show I watched the summer before college with my best friend because she’s addicted. I loved it but I’ve never watched it since. But I really like to watching dancing reality shows. I’m not crazy about American Idol or any of the other ones. I’d rather watch sitcoms if I’m gonna watch TV.


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