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Super Bowl!!!!! February 5, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 2330 — rebekahkatherine @ 4:44 pm

I love the Super Bowl. It’s like another holiday to me. There’s nothing better than sitting around with friends, eating pizza or wings and watching football. Growing up with a dad who was constantly watching football, I’ve grown to love the sport over the years and unlike a lot of people in the South, I really love pro football over college football. And again, thanks to my dad, I’m a huge Falcons fan.

This year, I’m going for the Saints. Not only have they had an excellent season, they are in the same division as the Falcons. The Saints winning makes the Falcons look good. The great thing about the Super Bowl this year, is that both teams who are playing, truly are the two best teams this season and I’m really excited to watch the game because it’s going to be a close one, hopefully.

Another reason I love the Super Bowl is, of course, the commercials. It’s the only time I actually enjoy watching commercials. Even though I really don’t have a commercial that sticks out in my mind as a favorite, I really do like to watch them and see how funny or creative they are. However, as much fun as watching commercials or scandalous halftime performances are, I really do enjoy the Super Bowl because of the game and the social time with friends.


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