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Service Projects January 28, 2010

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When I was in high school, as a member of Beta Club, I was required to do a lot of service projects but the most memorable one for me was tending a garden patch on the front lawn of our campus called “Jenny’s Garden” after a student who was killed in a car accident back in 2002. I, along with the other members of the organization, planted flowers and picked weeds every month, sometimes in bitterly cold weather. But I loved it. I found gardening to be peaceful and it made me happy knowing I was helping to beautify our campus. And it was great to be able to help bring tribute to Jenny and the other West Hall High School students who died.

Also, while in high school, I was a member of the chorus and every Christmas, we would go and sing for nursing homes and hospitals in our community. Seeing the old/sick people’s faces light up just by having a bunch of teenagers sing “Carol of the Bells” really warmed my heart. I’ve always loved singing and it felt wonderful to sing and brighten up someone’s holidays.

Last semester, I was inducted into Gamma Beta Phi, an honor and service society on campus. During the first semester, I collected cans for the hungry and helped with the Christmas tree in Lakeside where students and faculty can buy a gift for someone who otherwise, might not have a great Christmas.


Favorite YouTube Videos January 20, 2010

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As much time as I spend on the internet, you would think I would have a ton of Youtube videos that I love. But I realize that most of my time spent on the website is to watch promotional clips and cast interviews of my favorite TV shows, particularly How I Met Your Mother.  But I did come across one video back in the summer after it was posted on Ashton Kutcher’s twitter. It’s called the JK Wedding Dance and it made the rounds on Youtube and within a few hours, it was all over Twitter, Facebook, and TV. Basically, a couple and their wedding party dance down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever” and it is so funny. Occasionally, I’ll watch it just to have a good laugh.


Another video I really like is called United States of Pop 2009 by DJ Earworm. He mashes the top 25 songs of the year into one song that sounds really cool and funky. I first saw it Perez Hilton’s blog and I’ve listened to it a lot. Not only does it sound really creative, but it’s just plain catchy.