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What I’ve Learned May 4, 2012

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The past semester was certainly not the norm for me. I’m used to having a lot of free time on my hands and this semester I juggled 16 hours plus an internship. I had zero free time and for the most part, it wasn’t too bad. I definitely learned a lot about time management and prioritizing my workload.

This semester started off kind of crappy with a lot of personal drama but it ended up being one of my favorite semesters ever. I got to really concentrate on myself and I had the best time. I made so many new friends and I really cherished my weekends since I got no sleep during the week.

I also stayed really busy. I was constantly doing a work function and twice this semester, I had three tests in one day followed by a major work event. I learned a lot at my internship about becoming more detail-oriented and how to be a better writer. I also learned a lot about what  I want out of a first job when I leave this place.

This semester has been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed getting to hang out with my best friends for a few more months before we all go off into the real world. It’s hard to believe I’m graduating. I feel like just yesterday my parents were helping me move into Eagle Village. It seems so surreal that a week from tomorrow, I’ll be wearing a cap and gown. I’ve loved my time here at Georgia Southern but I’m excited, anxious, and nervous about the next chapter. I hope it’s as much fun as this one has been!


Comments for the last blog post ever!

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rebekahkatherine says:

I agree about not having as many PR classes this semester. I only had this one so I missed seeing a lot of people during my last semester. Luckily, some were in my other classes!

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Haha I love you Julianna and I’ll miss you soooo much. But don’t worry I’ll come visit! And I’m glad you’re not deleting your Twitter so you can follow me and keep up with my super interesting life of an unemployed person!


Comments on Baseball April 27, 2012

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All your suggestions are really good. And I agree, that fans are fans regardless of the team’s record. Sure, every team has fair-weather fans but all 30 MLB teams are going to draw a crowd no matter what.

rebekahkatherine says:

When a team is winning, PR is easy. The Marlins are definitely an interesting team to bring up. Winning two world series did nothing to help bring in a more solid fanbase. I also like the idea of t shirt sales. Every time I wear my Braves shirt, particularly in an area other than Atlanta, it always strikes up a conversation.


Viva Los Bravos!

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I love baseball. Other than gymnastics, it’s definitely my favorite sport. It signifies springtime and it has such a rich history in our country. My favorite team is of course the Atlanta Braves. I also love the Boston Red Sox after visiting Fenway Park last summer and getting to watch a game there. I would do the typical giveaways like the first 100 kids 10 and under get a free bobblehead or t shirt or have a certain section of the park get something free if one of the players hits a homerun. Also, something that always worked when I was a kid was giving specially priced tickets to games to kids elementary all the way through high school that make good grades. That was how I always got to go to games as a kid. It’s important to do special promotions even when the team is winning because going to a game can be expensive with parking and food so it might not be enough that the team is good. I know that my dad won’t necessarily go to games for teams he loves if they aren’t playing well. However, being such a big baseball fan myself, I think that nothing replaces the feeling of being in a ballpark even if the team isn’t good.


Comments about Traveling April 16, 2012

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Not crazy at all. I’ve always wanted to visit Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon!!! While exploring outside the United States is important, I also feel like we should see all the great things our own country has to offer!

rebekahkatherineApril 17, 2012 at 2:02 am #

Ireland sounds like a great place to visit!! But you have your whole life to travel! Not passing up on a great job opportunity was definitely a smart idea!


Take Me Away

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Where would I go if money was no object? Well, everywhere. But for starters, I’d want to go to western Europe, particularly London and Paris. I love London and I’m a huge Anglophile and I definitely plan on making it to England at some point in my life. That’s where my ancestors came from and it’s important to me to visit the place. Also, I would love to visit Paris because I took French in high school and I’m obsessed with the French culture. I’d also love to visit Tokyo and Moscow because I think they are unique cities.

Another one of my goals is to visit every state in the US and I would also need to fulfill that as well. I’ve been to 17 so I definitely have a long way to go!

I can’t wait to make my own money and travel! I hope whatever job I have after college allows me to travel because as a kid, I didn’t really get around to going many places other than Florida for the beach. I also think as an adult, I’ll want to take lots of vacations and explore the world even if it’s not for my job.


Comments on Social Media and the Generations April 13, 2012

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I like what you said about doing research about the business’s public. That goes along with what I said in my post about where I work, the public being an older generation where some social media would be useless since they don’t engage in it.

rebekahkatherine says:

I definitely agree that you should start slow. Facebook and Twitter are pretty easy to use and most employers should be familiar with them anyway!